Monday, February 11, 2013


We had a blast on this most recent run out to Denver and back. DENVER WAS TOTAL CHAOS thanks to our main babes at Volcom. The rest of the tour was also a total adventure seeing as we hadn't ever played a lot of the places we hit. Also, BIG UPS to the boys in PUJOL, had a blast running around the southeast for a couple weeks with them in January. Now we're just gearing up for SXSW, some AWESOME local shows (including the infamous FREAKIN' WEEKEND...what up, and prepping the release of our BRAND NEW FULL LENGTH that's coming out this May 2013. It's gonna boast some pretty incredible album art, courtesy of the incredible Perry Shall. More details to come soon. OH! I almost forgot, most importantly, we're gonna be putting up a Kickstarter to help us get a new van so we can tour to even more cities this year. Our faithful, maroon beauty finally gave out on us this last December, literally as we pulled into the last stop on our December tour. So until we get a new van ya'll are gonna be seeing a LOT of us in the form of two cars. One hatchback, and one souped up Corolla cruiser. Bring it USA. - Casey