This is our first release, the ALOHA EP. 

Released in 2009 by RAD FRNDS Records. Pressed to 7" in early 2011 by Evil Weevil Records. SOLD OUT.

This is our second release, the YAMA-UBA 7". 

Released July, 2011 by Infinity Cat Records. SOLD OUT.

This is our first full length release, "Loose Jewels". 

Released September, 2011 by Infinity Cat Records. Currently on its second pressing.


"Its bouncy guitars are underpinned by some thunderous bass -- think the Romantics, taken on a desert rock acid trip with Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme." (SPIN)

"The greatest practical joke Diarrhea Planet has ever played is naming themselves something so reprehensibly stupid while being so ridiculously talented. There isn’t a single wasted second in any of these songs — they're all so dense with hooks that they could cut glass. " (NASHVILLE SCENE)

This is our second full length release, "I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams." 

Released in August of 2013 on Infinity Cat Records. 

"They captured the gargantuan quadruple-guitar assault and the life-affirming, rock ’n’ roll toga party atmosphere of their must-see live show." (NASHVILLE SCENE)
"Nashville's Diarrhea Planet have the greatest live show on Earth." (PITCHFORK)
"Get ready to spend your summer shouting along to "We're just kids!" (IMPOSE)
"13 tracks of quadruple-guitar shredding and punchy pop hooks to take you back to your glory days." (CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND)

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