::: Booking :::

Jon Prine @ Progressive Global Agency,
(615) 354-9100

::: Whatever You Want To Email Us About :::

::: Management :::

Holland Nix @ Anger Management,

::: Publicity/Press :::

Chris Hnat @ Grandstand Media,

::: PERSONAL :::

Hodan Dickie, Evan Bird, Emmett Miller, Michael Boyle, Brent Toler

Use the internet if you need to contact us. The internet is pretty smart, and so are you.

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  1. Duuuudes, drop a solid on me and get a gig in Charlottesville Va on 5/31/12. Seriously, it's my best friend's bachelor party and let's be honest, we all need an excuse to vomit. Let me know what shit-hole will take you.