::: Management :::

Holland Nix @ Anger Management,

::: Booking :::

Jon Prine @ Progressive Global Agency,
(615) 354-9100

::: Publicity/Press :::

Chris Hnat @ Grandstand Media,

::: Whatever You Want To Email Us About :::

::: PERSONAL :::

Hodan Dickie, Evan Bird, Emmett Miller, Michael Boyle, Brent Toler

Use the internet if you need to contact us. The internet is pretty smart, and so are you.


  1. Duuuudes, drop a solid on me and get a gig in Charlottesville Va on 5/31/12. Seriously, it's my best friend's bachelor party and let's be honest, we all need an excuse to vomit. Let me know what shit-hole will take you.


  2. When is this awesome band coming to Montreal?

  3. Saw you guys at SXSW 2015, oustide venue with a white tent thing, rained like a bitch, tshirt cannon shot one on top of the tent and my friends and i waited for your set to be over then threw shoes at it until it fell. I can't find that shirt!!!! it was white with red print. Help? I'll pay. Please? hit me at

  4. How about a stop in Salt Lake City - we're smack dab between Portland and Denver and have quite a few clubs that would host you guys. Can't wait to hear the new album.

  5. Come back to Austin ! 07/13/17 years ago