Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Corn Cat - TV Dreams

Oh, how great Weezer is. Having recently, and in the past, mulled over how great that particular band and there entire being is, I can definitely say that a lot of that mulling was done with Jantiss Rigponch, otherwise known as Max Frecka or Corn Cat.

Today we've got an entire free album download courtesy of Corn Cat himself, entitled TV DREAMS.

This album is a serious grab bag of all things really fantastic. Maybe it just hit me at the right time, but it's very good. In a nutshell there are so many different bleeps, bloops, and samples going on at all times that it's really hard to focus on just one thing and very easy to get lost in the music and zone out.

TV DREAMS has everything from odd, dollar-vinyl-bin samples to carefully crafted electronica to nonsensical hiphop poetry slam to spazzy breakbeat freakouts. It really just has it all. Under any normal circumstance I probably would have a lot of trouble sitting down and really digging into a record like this but for whatever reason, (possibly being serious bouts of melody and melodic sensibility throughout the entire record), it just makes sense.

Of course, as with any other record there are tracks that stand out more than others. My personal favorites are... "Crooked" "Catnap" "I Love You" and "Cashflow".

So, check it out, whether you think you're gonna like it or not because chances are, if you exist, there's probably something for you on this album. Thanks to Corn Cat for his generosity.

4 out of 5 RONS.

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