Tuesday, November 17, 2009

She makes a vodka drink, She makes a tonic drink!

Went to a show at The Rabbit Hole tonight on 7th street in Nashville. Thought it would be a strange show because even for a house show the setup was pretty bizarre with the band playing in a dining room and us standing in the kitchen to the left of it and also watching through a door frame in front of the band.

Basically, some of the coolest, most incredibly genuine bands I've met in a while and really one of the best shows I've been to in a while as well. Really eclectic but in the most perfect sense.

Support the shit out of these bands::
Looks Like A Snake
Darwin Deez
TV Torso (unfortunately couldn't find their myspace but, former members of Sound Team)
Daniel Pujol



REALLY awesome TOTALLY FREE show on Friday the 20th @ The Little Hamilton Collective (1318 Little Hamilton) w/
Bad cop
Mother Whale Eyeless
Devil Eyes
The Spanish Candles

I'm gonna be subbing for Cam from The Spanish Candles on drums, AND it's the night before my 21st birthday. Fucking be there or eat chairs sucka.

- Casey

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