Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm a BAD BAD man!

Hey kids, guess what, we're playing this sweet FESTIVAL with a buncha punx uppin the bands and music, up the punx, up the PUJOL, up the Natural Child, up the Carbondale oldest punk house in the universe Fugazi shits on their floor and I roll in ITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really, we're playing Handsome Fest next weekend in Carbondale, Illinois on July 17th, that's a Saturday! We're playing first on the night show, so if you're going don't blow it and show up so late that you puke. It's gonna be with a whole heap of good bands like The Coathangers, Predator, Thomas Function, and even more sexier sexiest our hot friends in PUJOL ( and Natural Child (! YEAH!

Here's the internet viewable site launch here thing: HANDSOME FEST
The flier for this thang is above.

Here's fun inspired by Natural Child's newest bloggy post. HIT THOSE BANDS UP INTO OBLIVION!

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