Monday, November 21, 2011

The Stoked/The Not So Stoked

Oh today, today, what a day it is.  With the brand new release of our bass player Mike's video game "Sulfur Sultans" and Brent's new book "RMO: The Life and Times of a True Artist", we've got a lot on our hands.

Not to mention it's our drummer's (MY) birthday RIGHT NOW! HOLY CHEEZUS CRUST!

.......But we have some news that saddens us........

We'll only be playing 4 shows on this upcoming tour.  We had to cancel the rest of our route due to some scheduling conflicts/booking issues.  BUT FEAR NOT! We'll be coming your way this spring multiple times if things work out the way we want them to.

Anyways, here are the actual upcoming dates of this mini-tour::

:: November 26th - Chattanooha, TN @ Collective Clothing Warehouse
:: November 27th - Athens, GA @ Farm255 w/ Jeffers Morning
:: November 28th - Atlanta, GA @ 529 (FREE Monday's Concert Series)
:: November 30th - Tuscaloosa, AL @ Egan's Bar w/ Piss Shivers

If you live near Atlanta, Tuscaloosa, or in between the two and want to have us do a house show or anything on the 29th, email us at and we'll hit you back asap!



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